Yes, you can model over 40
... And do everything else!

This is it! I'm going to share the journey!
Hi, my name is Venus Apovo.  When I was a child, I wanted to be a photographer and a writer.

10 years ago, I moved from Paris to London, looking for a fresh start.

Now, I am 48 years old, mum of two daughters and a professional model in London.  Not quite what I had planned, yet nothing in life went the way I planned it.

Here, on this blog, I want to share my journey. I will show that getting to my age with the grey hair, sagging boobs and cellulite did not stop me from doing what I like, modelling.
I will walk you through my experience of the model life.  Take you from the first photoshoot to my first time on a set.  I will provide you with a toolbox of information that is going to make things happen. I want to show you that whatever your age, anything is possible.  I have the chance to have a great mentor, so I want to share this knowledge with you. 
Although my childhood dreams of being a photographer or writer did not come true, I'm not far from it.  Always have a plan B!

Welcome to my crazy, unstructured and happy mature model life.

February 2021,
modelling for the Ageism Is Never In Style campaign for https://www.thebiascut.com/ 

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Photographer Jeff Marano

Hi!  So Glad You're Here.
Welcome to YesYouCanModelOver40...and do everything else!
This blog is the story of my journey of becoming a model... in London... with all the challenges while approaching the golden age of 50.  It all started with me being extremely shy, to the present, with me making a living posing for a camera.  I now know and can confidently say, everything is possible when you believe and listen to yourself.

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At my best, natural and at ease for KEM's campaign Better Every Day...I am trying.

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